Acupuncture – Dysmenorrhea

Acupuncture – Dysmenorrhea


Tong Jing (痛经,pain, period)

[PMS, dismenorrhea]



lower abdomen / lower back — pain; o runbearable pain — Before / During / After — menstrual flow


cold (food, …) /damp (living area)  → lower jiao / uterine / blood cold → stasis → pain

LV qi stg – blood stasis –C/R unsmooth → stasis → pain

weak constitution / LV-KI def + excessive child birth / essence-blood def →   “sea of blood” insufficiency after period →  uterine vessel malnourishment→  pain




cold (damp): …, scanty, clots, deep/tight

LV qi stg: before/during, pain, distending/pain, scanty, + breasts


LV KI def (yin, ): during/after, mild/dull, + …..


1) cold (damp) (acupuncture treatment 1)

before or during period, lower abd cold pain, worsen by pressure, pain extending to lower back, reduced by warmth, scanty menstruation (darkish), clots; thin T coating, deep/tense P

Ren M, SP M; acupuncture + maxi

zhong ji / Ren3:  on Ren M, connecting to U

Maxi for regluting C/R, warming M and stop pain

shui dao/ST28:  on ST M, C M reinforced by ST M  + zhong ji → warming uterine and stopping pain

di ji/SP8: SP cleft, tonifying SP and resolving damp,  regulating blood and stopping pain;

If severe pain, + ci liao/UB32, gui lai/ST29;

If abdominal pain extending to lower back + ming men/Du 4, Shen shu/UB23


2) LV qi stagnation (acupuncture treatment 2)

before or during period, lower abd distending pain; scanty p, clots; chest/hypoc r/breast distending pain …dull pale T, deep wiry P

Ren M, LV M

qi hai / Ren 6:  on Ren M, connecting to uterine, regulate qi and activate blood, regulate C/R;

Tai chong/ LV3:  yuan point of LV, sooth LV, regulate Qi / blood;

San yin jiao/SP6: + qi hai/Ren 6, regulate qi/blood

If abdominal distension, + Tian shu/ST25, qi xue/KI13, di ji/SP8

If hypoch pain, + yang ling quan/GB34, guang ming /GB37

If chest distress, + nei guan/PC 6

3) LV/KI def (acupuncture treatment 3)

Ren M, KI M, back shu points

Gan shu/UB18Shen shu/UB23Zhao Hai / KI 6: nourish KI/LV, regulate C/R

Guan yuan / Ren4: replenish essence blood, nourish LV/KI, nourish C/R

Zu san li / ST36: tonify SP/ST to reinforce blood/qi

If dizziness, + xuan zhong / GB39, tai xi / KI3

If abd pain severe, + da he /KI12, qi xue /KI13

Other treatment (acupuncture treatment 4)

Ear: uterus, endocrine, sympathetic, KI

Moderate level of stimulation, 2-3 points each time, retain needle 20m

Acupuncture – Case Studies

Acupuncture Case 1

A 35 year old woman had been suffering from painful periods from the age of 14 which were now getting worse.

The apin was central in the lower abdomen and occurred mostly on the first day;

severe cramping, it was relieved by the application of a hot-water bottle.

When she had the pain, she liked to curl up and she felt cold and turned pale.

The menstrual cycle was 30 days long, the period lasted 5 days and the blood was dark with small clots.

Her complexion was pale, her tongue was slightly pale with a whit coating and her pulse was slightly tight on the left and weak on both rear positions.

Acupuncture Case 2

33 years

painful periods for 10 days

pain – during periods

blood – bright red, scanty

cold feeling in general

+ backache, dizziness, tinnitus, poor memory, tiredness, dry mouth at night, night sweating

frequent urination

Pulse: weak

Weak/thin (left)

history: 4 miscarriages

Acupuncture Case 3

24 years

painful period for 3 years

pain came after period, worsen by cold, reduced by warmth;

this time, period came for 3 days, and because of continuous pain for 30m, she came to clinic.

Scanty period, light color of blood, thin pulse, thin/white coating