Acupuncture – Morning sickness

9 Acupuncture – Morning sickness



early stage of pregnancy (<3month)

nausea, vomiting, choosing food, dizziness, …,

(severe: vomiting of bile, blood )

[Etiology and Pathogenesis]

 Blood → C/R → fetus

1) KI (def) → LV → C/R (exces)→ ST (weak) nausea / vomiting

 2) ST↑ → Chong Mai qi (excess)↑ + LV↑(1) +【SP↓(2) → phlegm(3) ( + Chong Mai qi↑)】

1) ST/SP def:  Key

2) LV heat: + Chong M qi↑ → ST

3) Phlegm (← SP def): + Chong M qi↑ → ST

[Manifestation and Sydrome]

ST def: vomiting, nausea, undigested food / gastric juice, fatigue,

P: weak, slippery, moderate

LV heat: vomiting, bitter /sour content + bitter mouth, fullness of ST, dizziness,

P: slippery, rapid, wiry

Phlegm: vomiting (body fluid), stuffy chest, poor appetite,

P: slippery

[Acupuncture Treatment]

1) ST/SP def – acupuncture 1

Harmonize ST, suppress qi,



RN12 /zhong wan – Mu-point of ST

RN13/shang wan – ST-RN crossing

ST36 – Lower-he point of ST, confluence points

——— Harmonize ST, Suppress ST qi

SP4: Tonify ST, harmonize ST, suppress qi of Chong


If vomiting severe: PC6

If abd distension severe: + RN10 / xia wan


2) LV heat – acupuncture 2


Clear LV heat, harmonize ST, subdue ST qi, stop vomiting


PC6, LV3:  Clear and purge LV heat

RN12, ST36: Harmonize ST, suppress qi, stop vomiting


If bitter, + GB34,

If distending (chest/abd/hypocho), RN17, GB 24/ri yue (mu point of GB)

If dizziness, headache: ying tang, DU20


3) Phlegm – acupuncture 3

tonify SP, resolve Phlegm,



SP9, ST40, KI 21/yiu men: KI-chong crossing — tonfiy SP, resolve phlegm, eliminate phlegm, suppress qi and stop vomiting, harmonize ST, Suppress ST qi


If chest: RN17; palpitation: PC6


[Example Case – acupuncture]

24 y

period stopped for 50 days

dizziness, nausea, vomiting (immediately after eating), no appetite, fatigue