Leucorrhea – Acupncture

Dai Xia 带下

Bai Dai 白带 White Leucorrhea



Normal leucorrhea  – body fluid

Abnormal  Leucorrhea – disease: increased amount, change of odor, quality


***White leucorrhea :

Blue/green leucorrhea:

Yellow leucorrhea :

Black leucorrhea :

Red leucorrhea :


[Etiology and Pathogenesis]

basic: weakness of RN and Dai M


SP def—damp – heat;

KI def – RN/Dai ;

Damp toxin (after childbirth, during periods,) — C/R/Dai





[Manifestations and Syndromes]


SP deficieny (most common?): leucorrhea (white/slightly yellow, profuse, thick, no special odder) + tiredness, pale compl, loose stool, abd distension, poor appetite + C greasy/wet white

KI deficieny: leucorrhea (white, profuse, thin, constant), + cold lower abd, …. + C thin white, P deep/slow

Damp heat toxin: leucorrhea (yellow/green/red, profuse, itching, fishy) + bitter mouth, dry throat, lower abd pain, yellow scanty urine + C yellow, P rapid, slippery


[Acupuncture Treatment]

1) SP deficiency – acupuncture 1

tonify SP, remove damp, regulate dai mai (stop leucorrhea)


RN, SP, Dai


daimai/GB26, qi hai/RN6, bai huan shu/BL30, SP6, ST36 → Remove damp in lower jiao (by invigorating UB),  tonify KI, astringe KI essence, regular P, stop leucorrhea


If constant: + chongmen/SP12, qichong/ST30, RN3

If loose stool: ST25, RN12


2) KI deficiency – acupuncture 2


warm and tonify qi/yang + stop leucorrhea


RN, KI, Dai


RN4, BL23, zhaohai/KI6, daimai/GB26, ci liao BL32,


Profuse leucorrhea: + da he/KI12, qixue/KI 13


3) toxic damp (+ heat) – acupuncture 3


SP, RN, Dai


daimai/GB26, zhongji/RN3, SP9: Clear and purge damp heat in low jiao

xialiao/BL34, xing jian/LV2: Especially for damp heat in lower jiao


Itching/pain: LV5 (for damp heat), LV3,



Yellow leucorrhea, — exclude cancer


[Ancient acupuncture record]


1) zheng jiu jia yi jing:

red/white L: chiliao/BL32

2) …

red/white L: ming men, shen qie/RN8, RN3