Chinese Herbal Medicines

Preparation for Herb 3 final exam

Hi everyone, 

There are three part in the exam.

Part One: Blank filling questions (65%)

There are 40 questions in this part. Names of herbs will be given on the paper. So you don’t have to work too hard to memorize all those names. Questions are mostly about functions. You choose one herb from the list and put it into blank

Part Two       Short answer questions   (10%)

 2 questions: about several basic formulas required be memorized, like to tonify qi, nourish blood, nourish yin/body fluid, etc 

Part Three      Case Study (30%)

2 cases


Hope above information helpful for your preparation. 

Good Luck!

Nov 5, 2017


FAQ herb study

Name a herb

CTCMA herb list

Reference herbalogy book 1

Reference herbalogy book 2

1 to 7 herb part one

8 jie biao yao pungent and warm

14 warming the interior

15 qi moving

16 digestion

22 Calming LV, tranquilizing internal wind

23 Opening HT orifice

24-1 tonify qi

tonify yang