TCM Traumatic injury, skin and 5 sense organ diseases, shi liao

Notice:  About the final exam Dec. 15th, 2017

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This exam is an open book exam. It has two parts, each part takes 50% of marks. The first part is about Shi Liao. The second part has two case studies on sense organ diseases. You can download (it at oshio, final exam, shi liao and sense organs) and finish this test at home and present/email it to me no later than 12 noon, Dec. 15th, 2017.


BayVan Clinic, Dr. Keivn Hu

Dec 13, 2017


Schedule -Traumatic Injury etc

TCM External Medicine Basic Theory

1 eczema

2 neurodermatitis

3 Psoriasis

4 Herpes zoster

5 drug rash

6 xuan — tinea

7 acne

8 Urticaria

9 Alopecia areata

10 Dan Du

11 Mastitis

12 Goiter

13 scrofula

14 Lupus


Sense organ illness 

Sense Organ Disorders Nov.10


Shi Liao