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    Dr. Kevin Hu

    56, male
    Dizziness and headache comes and goes for 5 years, worsen 1 week
    Dizziness and headache were usually triggered by stress or anger with hot and distending sensation in the head, accompanied by high pitch tinnitus and red face and red eyes and insomnia. His appetite was good, stools dry, urine deep yellow, energy ok.
    His tongue was red, coating scanty, pulses thin and wiry (KI portions were weak)
    He had a history of hypertension for 5 years, and was on western medications. His blood pressure was not stable.
    Diagnosis: dizziness
    Syndrome pattern:
    Treatment principle:
    Herbs (9 to 12 herbs, dosage)



    Syndrome pattern: Yin-Xu causing empty-heat and LIV-Yang-rising
    Treatment principle: subdue LIV-Yang, clear empty-heat, nourish Yin, moisten intestines
    Herbs (9 to 12 herbs, dosage)
    1) Shi Jue Ming (sedates LIV-Yang, improves vision – 30g
    2) Zhen Zhu Mu (anchors Yang, clears eyes) – 30g
    3) Bai Ji LI (calms LIV, anchors Yang, soothes LIV-Qi) – 15g
    4) Gou Teng (drains LIV heat/pacifies Yang) – 9g
    5) Tian Ma (calms LIV, treats hypertension) – 9g
    6) Bai Shao (calm/restrain LIV-Yang, nourish LIV/KID-Yin) – 15g
    7) Sheng Di Huang (clear heat, nourish Yin, generate fluids) – 15g
    8) Mai Men Dong (nourish Yin, moistens intestines, clears Heart-for insomnia, eliminates irritability) – 15g
    9) Mo Han Lian (nourish LIV/KID-Yin) – 12g
    10) Sang Shen (enriches Yin, moistens intestines) – 12g
    11) Chuan Xiong (guide herb for headache) – 6g
    12) Dan Zhu Ye (clear heat/eliminate irritability, promotes urination to clear Bladder-heat) – 6g

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