BayVan Clinic treats (not limited to):

♥ Depression, fatigue syndrome, dizziness/vertigo, headache, insomnia, cough, asthma/wheezing, chest pain, palpitation, stomach pain, abdominal pain, diarrhea, dysentery, obesity, muscle and joint pain;
♥ hepatitis, gastritis, enteritis, cholecystitis, rhinitis; pharyngo-laryngitis,hyperlipidemia, cervical spondylosis, lumbago, low sexual drive, impotence, UTI, IBS, multiple sclerosis;
♥ Irregular periods, dysmenorrhea, menopausal syndrome, abnormal vaginal discharge, infertility, mastitis;
♥ Various kinds of dermatitis, eczema, acne, parapsoriasis, STI;
♥ ADHD, development delay;
♥ Cancers (supportive treatment)

acupuncture, Chinese medicine, Victoria 5

Therapies include:

– Acupuncture
general body acupuncture
electronic acupuncture
laser acupuncture
ultro-sound acupuncture
herbal acupoint therapy
ear seed embedding therapy
herbal foot therapy
foot acupoint therapy
Gua Sha

– Chinese herbal medicine
traditional dry herbs,
patent herbs,
tinctures, etc

acupuncture, Chinese medicine, Victoria 4


Student classroom study assistance
Small group acupuncture and Chinese medicine study/workshop (will begin in May, 2018)